Tsu City ~The Events Experience Tour~

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“Experiencing the Two Biggest Events in Tsu City”

Tsu City ~The Events Experience Tour~

Tsu Firework Festival
Come and enjoy one of the biggest firework festivals in Mie
Prefecture! Tsu Firework Festival has about 100 years of
history and full of unique attractions such as display of
fireworks set off from the sea toward the harbor, with
additional effects on the surface of the water.
Date: Basically Last Saturday of July (Possibly changes)
Site: Akogi-Ura Beach (Can be seen from Tsu Ferry Port too)
Access:15 min. by the Shuttle Bus from Tsu Station (East Exit)
Visitors: 155000 people (2018)

Tsu-matsuri Festival
Tsu-matsuri Festival has over 380 years of history started in
the Edo period. It is one of the most unique festivals in
Japan where you can enjoy both Japanese traditional
performances such as “Tojin-Odori” dance or a giant
Japanese-style float and the modern dance performances
Date: Early October (The Saturday & Sunday before Health-Sport Day)
Site: Around Tsu City Hall, Tsushinmachi Street, Tsu Station etc.
Access: City Bus from Platform1,2,3 at JR/Kintesu Tsu Station (East Exit)
Visitors: 273500 people (2018)

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