Takada Honzan Senjuji

Mie Prefecture's largest temple, which takes its doctrine directly from sect founder Shinran Shonin

Senjuji Temple
Isshindencho developed as a temple town around Senjuji, the head temple of the Shinshu Takada sect, and many historic streets still remain in Jinaicho. In the temple grounds you can see Mieido and Nyoraido, known as outstanding wooden buildings in Japan, which are both over twenty-five meters tall and were designated as the first national treasure buildings in Mie on November 28, 2017.
The main buildings, or garan of Senjuji were gradually erected during the reconstruction after the big fire in 1645. Receiving a donation of lands from the Tsu clan, they expanded their temple grounds drastically and their first building Mieido was completed in 1666, followed by Nyoraido completed in 1748.
Mieido is highly regarded as a magnificent temple building which shows the development of Japanese temple construction. Nyoraido is also highly valued as one of the biggest modern Zen buildings in Japan built with a donation by the followers of the sect.
There are also many national important cultural properties in the precincts of the temple such as Saiho-shinansyo and Sanjo-wasan, which were written in Saint Shinran’s own hand.
Why don’t you take a walk around Senjuji to have a close look at the world-renowned historic buildings and enjoy Isshinden Jinaicho?
Nyoraido (National Treasure)
Nyoraido is the main hall of the temple built in 1748, where the statue of a standing figure of Amitabha Tathagata is showcased as the principal image.
Their gorgeous construction built in love of Zen Buddhism, introduced into Japan in the Kamakura period was brought back to life during a big repair between 1983 and 1990. Nyoraido is a smaller-scale building but is as tall as Mieido. They succeeded in making it look as big as Mieido by installing mokoshi, the thick eaves.
Mieido (National Treasure)
Mieido was built in 1666. They enshrine the wooden statue of the sect founder Shinran Shonin and the portraits of the successive generations of saints.
Its original magnificent look came back to life again during the big repair between 2000 and 2008. It is the fifth biggest national treasure temple building in Japan. The quiet outward appearance with a gabled roof based on the traditional Japanese style emphasizes its hugeness.

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Basic Information

Address 2819 Ishindencho, Tsu-shi
Telephone Number 059-232-4171
Web Site http://www.senjuji.or.jp/
Opening Hours 6:00 - 15:30
Fee Worshipping is free
Access5 minutes walk from JR Ishinden Station
15 minutes walk from Kintetsu Takadahonzan Station