Kazahaya-no-Sato (fuji, ajisai)
かざはやの里(藤・あじさい)(Kazahaya-no-sato (fuji, ajisai))

Kazahaya-no-Sato, the home of kappas (water imps), is a flower garden that blends well-being and the environment

The garden lies within the Ise Hot Spring Golf Club on an approximately 70,000 square meter steep range of hills. Gardening work on 650 plum trees, 1,800 wisteria vines and 75,000 hydrangea bushes is carried out daily. As the first flower garden to adopt horticultural well-being, a therapeutic floral landscape that blends well-being and the environment can be seen in winter, spring and summer as beautiful seasonal flowers bloom. Delight in a stroll to the songs of wild pheasants and Japanese bush warblers.

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Basic Information

Address 4096 Hekicho, Tsu-shi
Telephone Number 059-255-5755 (8:00 - 17:00)
Web Site http://www.kazahayanosato.com/
Opening Hours 8:00 - 17:00
Holiday Open every day during flower festivals
Fee Over 18s 300 yen in the flowering season (Admission is free for under 18s and visitors to the welfare facilities outside of the flowering season)
Access15 minutes walk from Heki Jinja-mae Stop on the bus bound for Sakakibara Hot Spring from Kintetsu Hisai Station
5 minutes from Ise Expressway, Hisai IC