Kochi Keikoku

Notable spot for fall foliage that is also illuminated by night

The beauty of the ravine lies in the rushing water and glistening light interweaving through the crevices throwing out spray. The spot delights us with its charms from season to season with cherry blossoms in spring and colored leaves in fall. In Spring, it is a picturesque site where cherry trees blossoming in all their glory.

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Basic Information

Address 107 Unrinin, Geinocho, Tsu-shi (Chotokuji)
Telephone Number 059-266-2516 (Geino General Branch Office Regional Promotion Department)
Web Site http://www.tsukanko.jp/spot/72/
Opening Hours Late November when fall leaves are at their best
Holiday None
Fee Viewing is free
AccessNear Oshidahashi, Kochi Keikoku