Usui Shokufu (Isei momen)
臼井織布(伊勢木綿)(Usuishokufu (Iseimomen))

Experience being dressed in a kimono made of Ise cotton

Ise cotton uses singles, which are the most basic form of yarn. It is also yarn that has the finest grade of cotton, American made San Joaquin, at its core, and was developed by Kurashiki Spinning in the Meiji Period under the name of Mitsuuma (three horses). Singles are extremely difficult to weave as they break easily. Therefore, it is said to be impossible to weave without singles made of good quality cotton.

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Basic Information

Address 67 Oogoso, Ishinden, Tsu-shi (Usui Shokufu Co., Ltd)
Telephone Number 059-232-2022
Web Site
Opening Hours 11:00 - 19:00
Holiday Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays
Fee Loom tours are free (reservation required)
Access15 minutes from Ise Expressway, Geino IC
20 minutes walk from Kintetsu Edobashi Station
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