Baku Ittohei Tsu-ekimae Ten
麦 一等兵 津駅前店(Bakuittoheitsu-ekimaeten)

The fighting spirit ramen, pork bone soup base, is superb

You can try Tsu gyoza, the exceptionally popular local gourmet here. Mail-order sales are also available, and can be shipped far away. The restaurant is conveniently located three minutes walk from the east exit of Tsu Station. Since it's open until late, why not make it the last stop on a night out.

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Basic Information

Address 310 Hadokorocho, Tsu-shi
Telephone Number 059-221-6110
Web Site
Opening Hours 11:00 - 25:30
Holiday Sundays
Fee Standard ramen 700 yen, Fighting spirit ramen 830 yen (limited to 30 per day), etc.
Access2 minutes walk from the east exit of JR/Kintetsu Tsu Station