Meishosen (local line)

The miraculous come-back of a local train line that commands a glorious view

From Matsusaka station to the terminus of Ise Okitsu Station  in Misugicho the train runs along the river taking in the sights. It pushes its way along ravines, mountains and numerous rail bridges, and just being on board is a pleasure. If you hop off along the way, there are also hot springs and bicycle rentals, so you can go sightseeing while experiencing the seasons. Since there are a limited number of trains, be sure to check the timetable. 

Neighbourhood Highlights

Basic Information

Address 1288-8 Okitsu, Misugicho, Tsu-shi (Ise Okitsu Station terminus, Tourism Exchange Facility-Hidamari)
Telephone Number 059-272-8080 (Misugi General Branch Office)